About Sussex Police Misconduct

Fighting for justice in the face of adversity

Sussex Police Misconduct was spawned out of the need to bring attention to the deep rooted and apparent misconduct being faced at the hands of Sussex police and its commanders in chief.

There are aggrieved individuals who have either been the victim of serious crimes including disability hate crimes, abuse, discrimination, threats and intimidation or are witnesses to serious crime, such as hacking, fraud, misconduct, paedophilia and even murder, or are simply supporting loved ones in the face of gross miscarriages of justice who have found all attempts to receive police services in order to obtain justice have either been blocked, ignored or actively covered up by Sussex Police and its associated bodies such as the Police Standards Department (PSD) / Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) as well as those who are in charge such as Giles York (Sussex Chief of Police) & Katy Bourne (Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner).

Every attempt to obtain justice has been thwarted and so this is where we make our stand and fight for justice.

It has become clear that the only way we can fight for justice and bring to account all those involved is to bring a legal case against the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner (Katy Bourne) and hold her to account for misconduct in public office and dereliction of duty (misfeasance / malfeasance).

This is why we have started a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise the funds needed to pay for such a legal battle.

Please note, while Sussex Police misconduct supports all those in seeking justice, we are not responsible and cannot be held accountable for each individual case or its merits.

We simply provide a portal to highlight this issue and the crowdfunding campaign as well as pettition to help bring attention to the issues in order to help raise awareness and support for the crowdfunding campaign.

If you believe justice is not just for the rich and that police misconduct must be fought where ever it is found so those involved can be held to account, please help our cause and support our crowdfunding campaign: Victims of Sussex Police misconduct.

It doesn't matter how little you can donate, as ever penny not only helps us to afford to bring this case to court, but it also sends a clear message that there is support out there for our cause and there are those willing to help us fight against police misconduct.

No matter which case you connect with and wish to support, all donations go towards a common goal of holding the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne to account!

We are also fighting via Change.org petition to implement changes in the law to make available independent funding and appropriate support to ensure disabled victims of crime receive the justice they deserve and are entitled to!

Please sign the petition: Give disabled victims of crime the support and funding required to obtain justice

Thank you for your support, it really is appreciated because disability discrimination and misconduct matters!

Have you been a victim of Sussex police misconduct?

Then we would like to hear from you!

If you have a genuine case and have hit nothing but dead ends and brick walls while trying to receive police services and justice, then get in touch and join our cause.

We are stronger together and the more of us who join forces, the more likely we are to succeed in our goals and obtain justice for all those involved by holding the person in charge to account!

Don't suffer in silence & don't let police misconduct win, join the fight and help make a difference by contacting us today!